The holiday home is located on the river that connects the main Northern and Southern Bolgoda lakes. With calm waters before the villa, and a vibrant banana plantation just beyond that, the lake has an idyllic atmosphere that will ebb any latent stress away. Wildlife is abundant with tropical birds being frequent guests, and it only takes a small boat ride the find even more. To the side is a quaint swimming pool for exercise or play, and at the base of the villa is a pier to board our vessels of choice. All-in-all, the lake is an ideal place to escape it all!


Found in the district of Moratuwa, Bolgoda Lake covers around 374 square kilometers. As mentioned above, the lake is actually made up of two bodies of water, the northern and southern Bolgoda Lake, connected by a waterway dubbed the Bolgoda River. Up and down the banks of this peaceful body of water, you will find several villas, greenery as far as the eye can see, mangroves, wildlife as well as the occasional bridge. Located only a 19km drive away from Colombo, it is close enough to the city for an overnight trip, or even just as a stop over for dinner.