Bolgoda is in an ideal location, just a mere 19km outside of Colombo. This means it is not too far off from civilization, and yet it feels you are on another planet! However, there is still so much guests can experience within the villa, and so much to see around the lake as well.


If you are going to truly relax in paradise, then this is the way to go. A gentle massage, attentive pampering, the beautiful tranquil atmosphere. What more could you wish for? We are also featuring yoga sessions, as it would be a waste not to do so in such a tranquil outdoor setting.


The tranquil lake and the lush green around it is the home to several species of birds, both local and foreign. Even a casual look around the villa is bound to unearth some of these fine-feathered friends. They are literally nearly everywhere during the day, so you can take a walk around the property, or take a trip to the other side of the river, or maybe a boat ride to the larger bodies of water, and you are basically guaranteed to find something! To name a few avifauna you can potentially spot there are Spot-Billed Ducks, Brahminy Kites, White-Throated Kingfishers, White Bellied Sea Eagles, Asian Openbills, Grey Herons, Spot-Billed Pelicans, Crested Serpent Eagles and Green Bee Eaters.


Should you plan to tour the lake, the best way to do so is by motor boat. Go fast to enjoy the rush of speed, or go slow to enjoy the coastal sights the option is yours. The lake has several beautiful villas with unique architecture which you can observe from the boat. The boat can be stocked with snacks and drinks, so tea time on the water is entirely possible. Furthermore, if you are interested in fishing or birding, this is potentially the best method to find what you are looking for!

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing is the sport if you have the need for speed. Ripping through the tranquil waters of the lake at blistering speeds, on the sleek motorized monster, known as a Jet Ski, there is truly nothing quite like it!


Want to enjoy the lake while working out? Then kayaking is the best option for you! All you need is your trusted double-bladed paddle, and perhaps a friend with the same equipment, and away you go. The waters are very gentle, with little worries of being capsized by errant waves. Paddling is also both easy to learn and a great workout once you get used to it. Furthermore, there is nothing quite like lounging in the middle of the lake, enjoying the breeze, without a care in the world. If you are a casual birder this is a more silent alternative to the motorboats, allowing you to get close without startling them too much.


Whether it is fishing from the boat, the shore or the pier, the Bolgoda Lake is rich with aquatic life. Fishing rods and lines are available at the villa for borrowing, so gests are free to fish up their lunch or even their dinner. The waters have several popular game fish, including, but not limited to, the Barramundi (or Modha as it is called here), Featherback, Great Snakehead, Mangrove Jack and Spotted Featherbacks.

Prawn Fishing

As you sail the pristine waters of the lake, you will find fences spanning across the canals. These are actually the local method to catch those delicious succulent crustaceans, the prawn! Though the look like fences on the surface, under the water is a complicate maze of nets designed to trap the prawns. The fishermen set up lamps late at night, which attracts the crustaceans deep into the nets, make it virtually impossible for them to leave. Then at the break of dawn, they inspect their nets for their tasty crustaceans! Should you be an early riser, please visit any fishermen inspecting these nets, see if you can purchase a fresh catch at bargain prices!


There are various plantations around the lake, including banana and coconut farms. For a fresh deal stop by and purchase some for cheap! It is not only plantations though, as there are farms to all kinds of vegetables, even some oriental greens, if you are feeling for something from the east!

Yacht Club

The Ceylon Motor Yacht Club is located only a short boat ride away from the property. There they house various facilities, including a bar and café. However, the highlight is obviously the yachts. Various boating and sailing events are organized here, and lessons to sail the yachts are also available! Established in 1929, though it only moved to its current location in 1936, the club has always been Sri Lanka’s core for dinghy racing. It is a haven for all sailing fanatics and motorboat enthusiasts, with members even participating in international events. The club is not only a sailing hub, but also a social for people of all ages and abilities! As long as you love being on the water, you are welcome here.